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Refit Extended Dorsal System
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The Refit style Extended Dorsal System has several options available to customize it to your starship's specific needs. Simply add your choice of options depending on your specific design.

Decals are available in your choice of blue, green or gray engineering markings. The main Extended Dorsal support includes instructions and decals for all other components.
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The Extended Dorsal Support fits in place of the standard dorsal support from the PL/R2 Refit Enterprise kit or similarly sized and designed starship.
The Secondary Hull Adapter can be carved to fit the contour of your secondary hull.
The Standard Torpedo Launcher includes an optional rear fairing to better blend the completed structure into a secondary hull.
The Nacelle Mount has an extended rear for a more secure connection to the nacelle body.
The Heavy Torpedo Launcher has three forward firing tubes. It can be attached to the top of a large secondary hull or act as a miniature secondary hull on its own.

The Upper Nacelle Pylon includes an optional extension piece for added height.

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