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You have a lot of parts listed but I don't see ________. Will you be coming out with it? If so, when?

Probably, and Eventually. I have a lot of parts on my "to do" list - last count is well over 200 - but I don't have a specific plan for what comes out in what order. I also work on three or four different parts at one time so I bring out whatever gets finished next. Feel free to email me with suggestions as I don't claim to know about every conversion part design out there. What you want may already be on my list. If it's not and it's different enough from what I do have planned, I'll add it to the pile!

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While we're on the subject, where do you get your parts ideas from?

Mostly Jaynz and Jackill, although if I find something interesting elsewhere, I'm not opposed to adding it to the list. I also design my own parts when inspiration hits.

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So do you give credit where it's due?

Of course! More or less. By default, I'm crediting Jaynz and Jackill since I'm using their drawings as my reference material but if you ask them where they get designs from, they'll freely admit that they're borrowing other people's designs from various sources. Also, there's so much out there and it's been out for such a long time and subsequently updated/altered by others that it's almost impossible to track who created what and when. If you see a design that looks like something you created AND YOU CAN PROVE YOU CREATED IT, let me know and I'll give you appropriate credit for it.

Why do your parts come in plastic bags and stick on labels instead of cardboard boxes with full color photos and mounds of packing peanuts?

Simple - cost. All that packaging costs more money, not to mention more shipping. While some of it does look very nice, it's a throwback to when we bought kits in corner hobby shops - the box art has to "sell" the product. On the Internet, that's not an issue anymore. So why bother loading up on extra packaging that would only drive up the cost of the item?

A lot of other garage kit manufacturers sell conversion and detail parts but no one else does it to the level that you're doing it. What made you think of it?

Short answer - because no one else does it.

Long answer - I frequent Starship Modeler a lot. There's always polls and topics from GKers and potential GKers asking "Should I make a kit of this?", "Should I make a kit of that?", "What do you think of this ship?", "What do you think of that ship?" and there's never any definitive answer. For every person that likes a particular ship, there's someone else that doesn't or someone who wants a different ship instead. There's never a definitive result to any of these impromptu polls. Also, all the other GKers out there focus on creating "whole" ships - they either re-invent the wheel copying all the detail parts that are straight from the various 1000 scale Enterprise kits or they make conversion kits that are only geared toward creating that specific ship design.

Since Star Fleet ship designs are modular in nature anyway (see where this is going?) I figured that if I keep everything as basic as possible and offer a wide enough selection of components, people could just buy what they need and salvage the remaining parts from the appropriate Enterprise kit(s) to create exactly the ship they want, whether that design comes from someone else's plans or their own imagination.

Why do you say "6 to 8 weeks for shipping"? Don't you keep everything in stock?

Not everything. Again, it's a cost issue. If I cast too much of one item and sales for that item slows down, I can't "un-cast" it to make something else. By casting parts as needed, I keep my resin costs down, which in turn keeps my sell prices lower. Some of the little accessory parts (generally anything that sells for under $5.00) are "in stock" because when I pour a larger part, there's usually a little left over resin so rather than waste it, I'll pour it into one of the smaller molds. But if you're ordering larger components, those need to be cast when they're ordered.

In a related vein - if you email and ask "Is this, this and that available?", even if they are, the answer will be "No." Asking me if things are ready to ship is a trick question designed to back me into a corner and force me to ship your order ahead of other orders that were placed before yours. Plan ahead and wait your turn like everyone else.

The "shipping clock" starts the date of your order. If you place a second order before the first one ships, I'll combine them into one shipment and, depending on the charges, possibly refund a portion of your shipping costs to reflect the new combined orders. The caveat is that the second order resets the shipping clock to 6 to 8 weeks from the new date.

Also, I don't do this full time. Right now, MM isn't generating enough business to justify focusing on it 24/7. I'm hoping that it will someday, but if and until that happens, I need to balance it with a regular day job. If and when MM becomes a full time venture, then I could justify the added expense of pre-casting larger items and speeding up shipping times. It all depends on how much people buy, so if you want me to run things faster, buy more product!

What's your return policy? What about replacement parts?

Replacement parts policy:

We are happy to provide replacement parts free of charge under two conditions:

1) The original part was damaged in some fashion AND 2) You provide us with a photo of the damaged part.

Email us your photo, contact information and name of your purchase source and we will get replacement parts out to you as soon as possible. If a shipping charge is required (depending on the size and quantity of parts) we will notify you prior to shipment.

Return policy:

Refunds are granted within 30 days of the date your order shipped (as indicated on the postage stamp; 60 days for international orders) and are subject to receipt by us of the parts in re-sellable condition; no preparation or modification work (removed sprues are OK though), no paint/glue, decal sheet intact. Customer pays return shipping costs.

A friend showed me your site on his computer and it had a cool looking font but it doesn't look the same on my own computer. What's up?

Simple solution: you just need to install the same three fonts on your computer. Once they're installed, they will show up in your font list as "Square 721", "Federation Bold" and "Cruiser".

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