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Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for fulfillment of your order. While we try to maintain a limited amount of stock ready to ship, it is possible that part or all of your order will need to be cast on demand. In some cases, this may result in longer than usual ship times.

We also ship in "waves". Orders are processed over the course of several weeks and shipped all at once rather than each individual order being shipped the moment it's finished. Therefore, even if your order is fairly small and simple, you may need to wait until other orders are ready to ship before yours goes out.

Shipping is via USPS Standard Shipping. If you want Priority Shipping or would like to use some other type of shipping service like UPS or FedEx, please contact us prior to ordering.

Shipping charges within the United States are a sliding percentage scale as follows:

  • Up to $15.00 = 20% of order total
  • Up to $30.00 = 17% of order total
  • Up to $90.00 = 15% of order total
  • Up to $200.00 = 10% of order total
  • $200 or more = FREE SHIPPING!

For orders outside the U.S., shipping charges are based on the quantity of parts ordered and break down as follows:

  • Up to 5 items = $20.00
  • Up to 10 items = $25.00
  • 11 or more items = $30.00

Free shipping is not available on international orders. Also note that international shipping charges vary wildly depending on destination. Depending what the actual ship price comes out to, we may ask you to pay additional shipping. Duty/fees/tariffs/taxes due at receiving are the responsibility of the recipient.

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