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The Deliverance class Container System allows you to create your own mission specific container for a truly unique build! You can choose from:

  • Standard length or short length top sections
  • Solid, Shuttle Bay (TOS or Film), Cargo Bay or Deuterium Container bottom sections
  • Standard, Rear-hinged, Impulse Engine and various Sensor combination laden end caps
  • TOS or Film era decal styles
  • Detailing parts

Components sell for anywhere from $2.00 to $10.00 each. A complete Container comes to approximately $40 depending on the specific combination of components in your design.

When designing a container, make sure all the required components are accounted for. We will check the count before filling your order and notify you if something is missing (or excessive) but double-checking it yourself before ordering will speed the order process and avoid shipping delays.

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