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Dorsal supports
Dorsal supports in various configurations to customize your starship's capabilities.

The Dorsal support with deflector mount is useful for single nacelle designs or ships with specialized secondary hulls that preclude the inclusion of a front deflector.

Requires deflector dish assembly from PL/R2 TOS Enterprise kit.

Master part sculpted by George Paulishak.

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The Extended dorsal support includes a split impulse engine and optional front/rear torpedo launcher. The top surface of the dorsal support is size-compatible with our Thin Pylon Pack allowing you to add a top mounted center nacelle.
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The Layered dorsal support has a thinner section in the lower front. Useful for transitional designs between eras.
The Tall dorsal support allows more clearance between the primary and secondary hull.
The forward facing torpedo launcher adds defensive capabilities to your starship.
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